Ski maintenance starters kit

Took me some hours of research but I finally decided to give it a go with for ordering my first complete ski maintenance kit. It consists of all the basics you need to keep image_9540-s_1you skis alive; like wax iron (230V – 1000W), sharpener (two in one for side edge 88° and 87° and for base angle 0.5° and 1.0°), base cleaner, universal liquid wax, combined brush (nylon bristles and felt side for polishing after waxing with liquid wax) and of course a wax blade. More details are found here (in German). The price is also not too bad, especially for a complete set. I wanted to give secondhand a go, but there was nothing available in my area at the moment, but definitely check it out first. Also not the least important, delivery was fast and clean (no bullshits).

Why you should give DIY ski maintenance a go; basically if you are really into skiing, you like to take care of your stuff more regularly than that – one time a year – big cleanup at a store. Also, it gives you the opportunity to check for flaws of your skis yourself and it gives you this deep spiritual connection with your skis and whatever. Just give it a try and you will see it’s a fun thing to do (like foreplay for skiing). I will give an update for ski maintenance for dummies with pictures soon.



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